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Chris Cuomo denies allegations of sexual misconduct after being fired from CNN

Anchor Chris Cuomo has denied an allegation of sexual misconduct after he was fired from CNN.

Cuomo, one of the network’s star anchors, was the subject of an investigation, unrelated to the misconduct allegations, by the New York attorney general which concluded that Cuomo had helped his brother, former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, defend himself against sexual misconduct allegations. However, following Cuomo’s termination from CNN, an allegation of sexual misconduct came to light.

Following his termination on Saturday, Cuomo denied the sexual misconduct allegation that had this time been made against him. The allegation was first reported by The New York Times.

“These apparently anonymous allegations are not true. To the extent that they were sent to CNN to negate what Chris Cuomo told his audience, he fully stands by his on-air statements about his connection to these issues, both professionally and in a profoundly personal way,” a statement from Cuomo’s representative Steven Goldberg reads.

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