Tennessee governor invites unvaccinated out-of-state cops to join its highway patrol

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has a pitch for law enforcement officers across the country, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status: Join the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

“Our force is one of the most professional in the country,” he said in a video released Wednesday. “And we won’t get between you and your doctor.”

In his message, addressed to cops from New York to Los Angeles, the Republican governor said the state would even help cover moving expenses for those who join the force. He directed those interested to apply online.

“We believe that you would be a great fit for our state,” he said, before outlining some of the reasons he believed the state would appeal to them. Those include its beauty, low cost of living, lack of income tax and full support of law enforcement.

“I’ll work to make sure your freedoms are protected,” he added. “We stand with our law enforcement, and we’ll stand with you, too.”

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