Governor condemns tweet offering a ‘bounty’ on teachers

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu on Thursday denounced a conservative group’s offer to pay $500 to the first person who “catches” a public school teacher violating New Hampshire’s new limits on the discussion of systemic racism and other topics.

Sununu had opposed an earlier version of the legislation that echoed a Trump administration order and sought to ban discussion of “divisive concepts” in schools. But he later backed language inserted into the state budget ’that would prohibit teaching children that they are inferior, racist, sexist or oppressive by virtue of their race, gender or other characteristics.

After the state Department of Education set up a website last week to collect complaints against teachers, The New Hampshire chapter of Moms for Liberty tweeted “We’ve got $500 for the person that first successfully catches a public school teacher breaking this law.” In a follow up, the conservative parents’ organization told supporters to designate online donations as “CRT Bounty’s,” referring to critical race theory.

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