Mark Meadows Could Face Criminal Charges After Ignoring Jan. 6 Committee Subpoena

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows did not show up Friday to give a deposition to the House committee investigating the January 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, despite being legally obligated to do so, meaning Meadows could become the latest Trump Administration official facing contempt of Congress charges.

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) warned Meadows’ attorney in a letter that ignoring the committee’s requests for documents and a deposition could result in the committee invoking contempt of Congress procedures.

Meadows is among the most prominent of dozens of former Trump officials that have been issued subpoenas legally requiring them to provide information to the committee regarding the January 6 rioting.

The House of Representatives has already voted to hold former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in contempt for disregarding his subpoena, while Thompson told Politico that contempt is “on the table” for former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, who also ignored his subpoena.

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