All Florida School Districts Lift Mask Mandates After Covid Cases Fall — Part Of Nationwide Trend

Every school district in Florida that had been punished by the state for imposing a mask mandate that violated a statewide ban on them has now lifted its mask order as of this week, as schools across the country drop mask requirements in response to falling Covid-19 cases and vaccines becoming available for children ages five to 11.

Florida’s Miami-Dade, Broward and Alachua counties all dropped their mask orders this week, three of eight school districts that the Florida Department of Education voted to withhold funding from after they imposed strict mask mandates despite a state order prohibiting them.

Schools have cited falling cases and the fact children can now get vaccinated as reasons behind the changes, with Massachusetts requiring schools to only lift mask orders if 80% of the student population is inoculated.

Governors of some other states have started making plans to lift statewide mandates: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said the state may soon starting lifting its school mask orders in phases, for instance, while Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said the state’s school mask mandate—which has since been struck down in court—would be lifted by January.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s office said the state’s mask order could “eventually go away” this school year if enough students get vaccinated, and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said the state may revisit its school mask mandate after the holidays if the state’s Covid-19 transmission doesn’t go up.

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