Biden says U.S. concerned about situation in Belarus

U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday expressed concern about the situation in Belarus as it faces accusations of encouraging migrants to cross into Poland and Lithuania via its territory.

“We think it’s a great concern. We communicated our concern to Russia, we communicated our concern to Belarus,” Biden told reporters as he departed the White House for a weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat. “We think it’s a problem.”

The European Union has accused Belarus of mounting a “hybrid attack” to destabilize the bloc by flying in thousands of migrants from war-torn areas and encouraging them to cross the border into the EU illegally.

Migrants, mainly from Iraq and Afghanistan, are sheltering in freezing conditions on the border between Belarus and EU states Poland and Lithuania, which are refusing to let them cross. Some have already died and there are fears for the safety of the rest as bitter winter conditions settle in.

Biden’s remarks came hours after Vice President Kamala Harris voiced similar concerns during a visit to France, where she said she discussed the issue with President Emmanuel Macron.

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