Jan. 6 panel issues six new subpoenas for Eastman, top Trump aides

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol sent a number of subpoenas on Monday, including to top 2020 Trump campaign aides and the lawyer responsible for crafting the strategy for how the former president could seek to overturn the election results in Congress.

Among the six subpoenas released is one for John Eastman, who drafted a memo advising the Trump campaign both to use supposed vice presidential authority to push back on election results and to get state legislatures to reject electors from certain states in order to deny President Biden a majority of the Electoral College vote.

Those memos became a blueprint for the Trump team in eyeing Congress and the states as avenues for unwinding the election, likely igniting Trump’s focus on having former Vice President Mike Pence buck the largely ceremonial duty of certifying the 2020 election results.

The subpoenas also target Bill Stepien the manager of former President Trump’s 2020 campaign, Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the campaign, and Angela McCallum, Trump’s campaign assistant.

Also among those subpoenaed to appear before the committee is Michael Flynn, who briefly served as Trump’s national security adviser and who the committee said reportedly attended a December meeting at the White House during which participants discussed declaring a national emergency as a route for seizing voting machines. It also focuses on his comments suggesting using martial law following the election.

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