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The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis has initiated an investigation into America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and a symbiotic telehealth provider, alleging they are profiting from peddling controversial COVID-19 treatments and spreading misinformation.

AFLDS and the telehealth provider,, “are spreading misinformation and facilitating access to disproven and potentially hazardous coronavirus treatments,” a subcommittee press release claimed. The subcommittee chairman, Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.), is thus requesting documents and other information related to their business practices and profits. Numerous patient consults were set up for SpeakWithAnMD via AFLDS.

Clyburn also requested an investigation in a letter to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan. “The promotion of falsehoods about coronavirus, questionable treatments, and vaccines is life-threatening. I believe these deceptive practices may also violate the FTC Act, the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act, or other relevant laws,” he wrote.

In a separate letter to AFLDS co-founder Simone Gold, MD, Clyburn wrote, “Attempts to monetize coronavirus misinformation have eroded public confidence in proven treatments and prevention measures and hindered efforts to control the pandemic. Some Americans who have been influenced by misinformation have chosen not to get vaccinated, delayed receiving evidence-based treatment, and ingested unapproved substances in harmful quantities. … [AFLDS] is reportedly among the top purveyors of questionable treatments nationwide and a prominent source of misinformation related to the coronavirus. … [I] urge you to stop promoting untested and dangerous claims.”

AFLDS and SpeakWithAnMD have earned more than $6.7 million “for facilitating paid telehealth consultations and off-label prescriptions for the purported coronavirus treatments that they promote online,” according to the subcommittee press release.

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One thought on “House Subcommittee Investigates America’s Frontline Doctors, Telehealth Provider”
  1. I just saw CDC Director Wilensky asked how many CDC employees got vaccinated.

    She didn’t know.

    Why aren’t they mandated to do so? No OSHA authority for them?

    Is Clyburn going to investigate Wilensky’s husband over his $5 million in government contracts? The only income to the company he co-founded.

    Fact check that. Might take a bit more searching than one of the “fact check” sites. My nickname for Snopes is “no results found”. I think that is what is called the “lie of omission”. Orwell had a few good words about it.

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