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There’s some new survey data out this morning that may add to the paranoia of CEOs who wonder what their employees are doing at home. Conducted by using the Pollfish platform, the study included a representative sample of 1,250 U.S. adults who have full-time jobs as remote workers. Some findings:

  • 69% of those full-time remote employees say they also have another job.
  • 37% said that second job is also a full-time job. 32% said it is part-time.
  • Of those with two jobs, just over half said one of them was their own business and existed before the pandemic.  Another quarter started their own business during the pandemic. And just under a quarter said neither of the jobs is their own business.

How do they manage two jobs? Well part of the answer is that they work extra hours, and part of it is neither job gets a 40-hour week. Asked how many hours a week they worked at both jobs, only 18% said 80 hours or more; 45% said 40 hours or less. The remainder said 50-70 hours.

Why do they do it? They need the money was the top answer—either to pay off debt, supplement spending, or add to their savings. But 34% said “to combat boredom” was another reason for the second job.

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