Cuomo sex crime case: New York sheriff says ‘we have an overwhelming amount of evidence’

A New York sheriff said Friday that “we have an overwhelming amount of evidence” against former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a day after a criminal complaint accused him of a sex crime against an aide.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple also revealed that he, along with everyone else involved in the case, was caught by surprise by the abrupt docketing of the complaint and its leak to media shortly after his office filed it in Albany City Court on Thursday.

Apple told reporters that he had expected the complaint to be reviewed by court officials to determine the next steps in the case, not formally filed.

The complaint accuses Cuomo, 63, of forcible touching of a female executive assistant in December in the governor’s mansion. The charge is a misdemeanor.

Cuomo is due to appear in court Nov. 17 in the case. Apple said the disgraced Democrat would be arrested at some point.

“We kind of got sandbagged ourselves,” Apple told reporters, saying he planned for the complaint to be publicly filed much later than Thursday after he had a chance to inform the county district attorney and Cuomo’s lawyer. The accuser in the case likewise was not notified that paperwork was filed in court right before the complaint was issued.

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