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Three years after The Washington Post and The New York Times won Pulitzer Prizes for their work investigating the Trump campaign, it still stings the former president.

On Friday, former President Trump doubled down on his calls for the Pulitzers to be revoked from the two newspapers over their investigations into his 2016 campaign and Russian election interference.

“These Pulitzer Prizes for totally incorrect reporting have become worthless and meaningless,” Trump said in a statement issued through his Save America PAC on Friday.

Trump claimed that the Pulitzer Prize Board was “too embarrassed” to respond to a letter addressed to interim Administrator Bud Kliment earlier this month urging the board to revoke the news outlets’ Pulitzers.

In the letter dated Oct. 3, he claimed that the Pulitzer Prize award in national reporting given to the two newspapers was “based on false reporting of a non-existent link between the Kremlin and the Trump Campaign.”

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