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More than three in five Republicans polled by Morning Consult/Politico said they intend to regularly log on to former President Donald Trump’s planned social media platform, TRUTH Social, but few Democrats said they’d join them, despite Trump saying they’ll be welcome on the site.

The poll of 1,999 registered voters found that 27% of Republican respondents plan to use the platform “a lot,” while 34% plan to use it “some.”

Only 20% of Republicans said they don’t plan to use it at all, while 19% said they’ll go on the site “not much.”

Among Democrats, 72% said they don’t plan on using the site at all, while only 7% said they’ll use it “a lot” and 11% will use it “some.”

Most independents are also averse to using the platform, with the poll finding 53% will never use it and only 30% will use it either “a lot” or “some.”

A beta version of the website is set to launch in November ahead of a full rollout early next year. The platform will be hosted by the conservative-leaning internet infrastructure company RightForge, with its CEO telling Axios it plans to keep hosting the platform even if it features controversial comments.

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