Georgia election workers fired, accused of shredding voting applications

Two Georgia election workers from the state’s most populous county were fired on Friday for allegedly shredding voting applications in the past two weeks.

Fulton County revealed in a statement on Monday that, according to a preliminary review, two employees may have checked out batches of applications for processing but allegedly shredded a portion of the forms instead of fully processing them.

According to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), 300 municipal election-related applications were allegedly destroyed.

Fellow employees reported the conduct to their supervisor on Friday morning, according to Fulton County. The two election workers were fired that day.

The illicit behavior reportedly occurred within the last two weeks, according to Fulton County Registration and Elections Director Richard Barron.

Fulton County is scheduled to hold elections to elect a mayor, City Council members and other municipal officials on Nov. 2, according to The Associated Press. The voter registration deadline for those races was Oct. 4.

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