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Wisconsin election investigator criticizes Democrat Evers

The Republican-hired attorney leading the investigation into how the 2020 presidential election was run in Wisconsin is accusing Democratic Gov. Tony Evers of having “an incomplete and misguided view” of the probe.

The comments former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman made in a video posted online Saturday came less than two weeks after Evers called the taxpayer-funded investigation a “$700,000 boondoggle,” warning election officials under scrutiny should be “lawyered up.”

In a radio interview Friday, Gableman compared the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to Nazi propaganda, a comment he rescinded but that led to calls for him to resign or be fired.

Gableman last week issued subpoenas to election officials and mayors of Wisconsin’s five largest cities and said they would have to come to his office for interviews this month. Someone working with Gableman then told the mayors they could submit more limited information and avoid interviews. But Gableman on Friday appeared to waffle, saying the interviews would happen if the officials didn’t cooperate.

He has posted two videos in an attempt to communicate with the public about the work of the investigation.

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