Colorado woman to no longer receive kidney transplant after not getting COVID-19 vaccine

A Colorado woman will no longer be receiving a kidney transplant after she confirmed that she would not be getting the COVID-19 vaccine, violating the hospital system UCHealth’s vaccination protocol, The Associated Press reported on Friday.

Leilani Lutali, a born-again Christian, told the AP she objected to the use of fetal cell lines in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“As a Christian, I can’t support anything that has to do with abortion of babies, and the sanctity of life for me is precious,” Lutali said.

According to UCLA Health, fetal line cells were used in Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccine testing to see if their vaccines were effective, while Johnson & Johnson used fetal line cells in its vaccine’s development and production.

The AP noted that the cells used today are not the original ones that were first taken from fetal tissue but clones.

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