Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks To Lowest Level Of Presidency Amid Concerns Over Coronavirus Pandemic, Poll Finds

American approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance has dropped to the lowest level in his presidency, according to an Ipsos poll, which highlighted growing discontent with his handling of key issues like the Covid-19 pandemic, employment and trying to unify the country.

Only 44% of Americans approve of Biden’s performance as president, according to Ipsos’ poll of 1,005 Americans conducted between September 15-16.

It’s the lowest approval rating in his presidency and a six-point drop from polling in early August.

Overall disapproval (50%) is also at an all time high and approval of Biden’s handling of most major issues is down from August, Ipsos found.

This was especially true for the pandemic—which 38% said they wanted Biden to prioritize—where approval fell six-points to 48% compared to early August.

Fewer than half of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of key issues, including the environment (49%), racial inequality (45%), employment and jobs (45%) and immigration (38%).

Biden’s efforts to unify the country have also taken a hit, falling to 40%, a six-point decrease in approval since August.

As expected with presidential polls, overall ratings obscure partisan differences. Some 81% of Democrats approved of Biden’s job performance, for example, a view shared by just 33% of Independents and 11% of Republicans. On specific issues, just 20% of Republicans approved of Biden’s performance—the environment (20%), the pandemic (19%) and racial inequality (16%) were the only ones to score above 15%—and no fewer than 56% (for corruption) of Democrats approved on any issue.

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