Biden urges passage of legislation to combat climate change

Speaking at a clean-energy facility in Colorado, President Biden on Tuesday urged Congress to pass legislation that he argued will create jobs and mitigate the impact of climate change.

“We have to make the investments that are going to slow our contributions to climate change today, not tomorrow,” Biden said during a speech at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Flatirons Campus outside Denver. “Something that is caused by humans can be solved by humans.”

Reiterating an argument he has made in recent weeks, the president said climate change is exacerbating wildfires ravaging Western states and intensifying other natural disasters, including Hurricane Ida, which recently killed dozens and cost billions in damage in states including New York, New Jersey and Louisiana.

Biden argued that the country was running out of time to address climate change and doing so would make the nation “stronger and more resilient.”

“A drought or a fire doesn’t see a property line,” the president said. “It doesn’t give a damn for which party you belong to. Disasters aren’t going to stop. That’s the nature of the climate threat.”

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