Texas sues 6 school districts over mask rules

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Friday he’s suing at least six districts that defied Gov. Greg Abbott’s order prohibiting mask mandates at public schools.

Paxton said the Elgin, Galveston, Richardson, Round Rock, Sherman and Spring school systems are among those not following the law, adding that an ongoing list of those out of compliance will be updated with possibly more districts that could face the state’s legal wrath. The attorney general also said earlier this summer that the legislature could vote to cut funding to districts that defy the governor’s order.

“The Office of the Attorney General anticipates the filing of additional lawsuits if school districts and other governmental entities continue to defy state law,” Paxton’s office said in a statement.

Abbott issued an executive order in May that prohibits mask mandates at state-funded institutions, including public schools, community colleges and state universities.

“We’re past the time of government mandates, we’re into the time for personal responsibility,” Abbott said in July, explaining the state’s stance.

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