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Gov. DeSantis’ Net Approval Rating Drops 14 Points Amid Covid Spike, Poll Finds

Republican Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have seen their approval ratings dip amid an alarming rise of Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations in both states over the past two months, with an increasing number of voters, particularly independents, saying they disapprove of DeSantis and Abbott’s performance, according to a Morning Consult poll released Thursday.

In Morning Consult polling that concluded on July 1, only 38% of independent voters said they disapproved of DeSantis’ job performance, yet in polling conducted August 21 to August 30, that number had spiked to 51%.

DeSantis still has strong support among the GOP base, with more than four in five Florida Republicans saying they still approve of the governor, although that number dipped slightly since the beginning of July, from 87% to 83%.

Among all voters, DeSantis’ net approval rating has plunged 14 percentage points over the past two months.

In Texas, 48% of independent voters said they disapproved of Abbot in early July, but that number has now risen to 54%.

Abbot’s net approval rating has decreased by 7% overall, but his approval rate among Republicans dropped just one percentage point.

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