Retired US general says the Trump White House ‘was complicit in the planning’ of January 6 insurrection

Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who was tasked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with conducting a review of the US Capitol’s security after January 6, on Tuesday said President Donald Trump’s White House was “complicit” in orchestrating the insurrection.

“It’s my personal opinion that the executive branch was complicit in the planning and the delayed response that occurred in bringing in more federal assistance to the Capitol that day,” Honoré said during an MSNBC appearance, underscoring that this conclusion was not reached as a result of the security review he spearheaded.

“That’s my own perception, based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, and by the fact the former president is continuing to tell people, ‘This was not a riot, it meant no harm, it was like a picnic,'” Honoré added. “The last I heard from him, he told people to go to the Capitol and raise hell.”

During an incendiary speech near the White House shortly before the violence at the Capitol, Trump told lies about the 2020 election and called on his supporters to “fight like hell.”

Trump was impeached for provoking the insurrection, but he was acquitted in the Senate with the help of his Republican allies — including GOP lawmakers who had said he bore responsibility for the deadly riot.

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