Michigan ‘Kraken’ Case: Lin Wood Claims Court Doesn’t Have ‘Authority’ To Punish Him For Sharing Court Hearing Video

Far-right attorney Lin Wood argued late Thursday he should not be sanctioned after sharing a video of a court hearing in Sidney Powell’s Michigan post-election case alleging voter fraud, claiming the court cannot legally discipline him in the case after a judge said she was considering doing so.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker said last week she is considering disciplinary action against Wood after the attorney shared a clip on Telegram of a July 12 court hearing in the case to determine whether Powell, Wood and the other attorneys in the case should be sanctioned for bringing it.

Wood responded to the request for him to be punished in a court filing late Thursday, which argues the South Carolina-based attorney was not formally admitted as an attorney in the case and thus cannot be punished in it.

Wood’s attorney Paul Stablein said Wood did not give Powell explicit permission to list him as an attorney in the Michigan case to begin with and he did not sign the pleadings, and thus the court “does not have the authority to impose discipline on an attorney who is not before the court in any capacity.”

While court rules prohibit people from “broadcasting” videos of the court hearing—which streamed live on YouTube—Stablein argued Wood did not because he only shared a video on Telegram that a separate third party had recorded and made public.

Wood “did not make [the video], he did not authorize its making and he did not acquire himself a copy of it,” Stablein wrote, saying Wood “merely provided an address” for where people could view a clip from the hearing for themselves.

Drew Paterson, the attorney for defendant Robert Davis, who requested the court sanction Wood, told Forbes in an email Wood’s response “is just as frivolous as the lawsuit” itself.

“Mr. Wood’s actions clearly violated the local court rules of the Eastern District of Michigan and I trust the Court will discipline him accordingly,” Paterson told Forbes in a statement.

Wood has asked the court for an evidentiary hearing in the case if it doesn’t immediately dismiss the request for sanctions against him. Parker has already rejected Davis’ request to hold Wood in criminal contempt of court for sharing the video, but under the court rules she cited, Wood could face other potential punishments like the court placing him on probation, reprimanding him for misconduct, requiring him to pay restitution or transferring him to “inactive status” as an attorney.

Powell brought the Michigan lawsuit in federal court in the aftermath of the election, one of four such battleground state lawsuits that sought to overturn the election based on purported evidence of voter fraud. Powell—whose voter fraud theories led even the Trump administration and campaign to distance themselves from her—dubbed the legal strategy “releas[ing] the Kraken,” after the 1981 film The Clash of the Titans. All of those lawsuits failed.

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