‘Let them die:’ Virginia PTA official resigns over comments at pro-critical race theory rally

An official with the Virginia Parent-Teacher Association resigned after she was heard in a video saying “Let them die,” a comment some felt was aimed at parents at a rally to oppose critical race theory.

Michelle Leete, who worked as the Virginia PTA’s vice president of training, said she did not mean to wish death on parents who are opposed to teaching race history in schools. Instead, she told the Washington Post, she hoped the parents’ right-wing “ideals” would die. However, the damage was already done.

The Virginia PTA announced on Saturday that it had requested and received Leete’s resignation.

“While not speaking in her role within Virginia PTA, we do not condone the choice of words used during a public event on Thursday, July 15, 2021,” the statement read.

In a tweet, the nonpartisan Fairfax County Parents Association added: “The actions & rhetoric of Ms. Leete & all of the like-minded partisan supporters of the SB are deeply disappointing. It evinces a deep lack of concern for children & parents, particularly where the wellbeing of children & families clash with political considerations.”

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