Records fall as ‘life-threatening’ heat wave blankets Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest braced Saturday for what is expected to be a historic and “life-threatening” heat wave, the likes of which — in terms of high temperatures and duration — has never been experienced before in that part of the country.

AccuWeather forecasters are calling for record-shattering heat to linger into next week, not only making life miserable for a part of the country where air conditioning is not prevalent but also posing a significant health risk to millions.

High temperatures well into the triple digits are forecast throughout parts of Oregon and Washington, which includes the Interstate 5 corridor. Both Portland, Ore., which could see the mercury crack the 110-degree mark, and Seattle, which is expected to top 100, will see temperatures soar 30 to 40 degrees above normal.

Points farther inland are likely to have temperatures balloon to above 115. Average highs in June can be anywhere from the 70s in eastern Washington and Oregon to the 80s in western areas and into Idaho.


How hot will it get this weekend? Well, Sunday is shaping up to be the hottest day with high temps soaring to an astonishing 105-110 degrees for the interior lowlands. Widespread highs at or above 100 degrees are likely on Saturday and Monday as well. STAY COOL! #PNWHeatwave— NWS Portland (@NWSPortland) June 25, 2021


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