New Poll Finds 52% Of Americans Believe $300 Weekly Federal Unemployment Boost Should End Immediately

As the American economy reopens and some industries grapple with labor shortages, a new survey conducted by Momentive for the New York Times finds that slightly more than half of Americans believe states should stop paying a $300 weekly federal unemployment supplement immediately.

Of the 2,600 adults surveyed, 52% believe the $300 supplement should end immediately, while 30% want the supplement to expire in September as it was originally intended to and 16% want the extra payments to continue forever.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found stark divisions along party lines, with 80% of Republicans saying the benefit should end immediately compared with 27% of Democrats (though the New York Times also notes that most Democrats don’t think states should pay the supplement beyond its expiration in September).

At least 12 states including Missouri, Iowa and Alaska have already stopped paying the $300 federal supplement.

Of the 26 states that have announced that they will terminate the supplement early, only one has a Democratic governor.

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