Trump Looks Past Midterms To 2024 As He Preps For First Post-White House Rally

Former President Donald Trump is heading to Ohio on Saturday to hold a rally for Republican House candidate Max Miller, but his team is billing the event more like a precursor to a 2024 run for president.

Trump’s team on Thursday sent out an “official Trump rally prep survey” that focuses almost entirely on the former president and does not mention Miller at all.

The survey asks if the supporters “agree” that “Trump must SAVE AMERICA from Joe Biden” and whether Biden is “leading our Country in the wrong direction.”

It also asks respondents to choose what they want Trump to talk about, including choices such as “immigration,” the “coronavirus” and the “economy,” but not Miller or the 2022 midterms.

Only one question mentions down ballot candidates, asking if the respondents agree “Trump should continue working to get strong conservatives elected around the Nation?”

Who is a “better fit to lead our Nation?” another question asks: Biden, or Trump?

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