More Than Half Of Republicans Believe Election Audits Could Change Outcome, Poll Suggests

Three quarters of Republican voters support state efforts to reexamine votes from last fall’s presidential election and over half believe the audits will change the outcome of the election, a poll published Wednesday suggests, after a previous survey found 3 in 10 Republicans believe a conspiracy theory that Trump could be “reinstated” this year as conservatives across the country lobby for audits in attempts to overturn the election results.

74% of Republican voters support state efforts to review the 2020 presidential election and 51% expected a change in outcome, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll of 1,994 registered voters conducted Jun. 11-13. 

By comparison, just 23% of Democrats support the state audits while more Independents (40%) are in favor of the reviews than are not (38%).

Even fewer Democrats (16%) and Independents (24%) actually expect a change in outcome to come from the audits compared to Republicans.

The findings complement polling last week indicating 3 in 10 Republican voters buy into claims former President Trump will somehow be reinstated before the year is out, as well as other polling suggesting a persistent and widespread belief in baseless claims of electoral fraud.

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