G7 leaders to sign anti-pandemic declaration

G7 leaders on Saturday plan to sign a Carbis Bay declaration on health to prevent another global pandemic, according to a British government statement.

Under the declaration, the G7 leaders will be “vowing to take steps to ensure the global devastation caused by the coronavirus is never repeated,” the statement said. They will commit to using all their resources toward this goal when they meet in Cornwall for the second day of the G7 summit Saturday.

The declaration is a “historic statement setting out a series of concrete commitments to prevent any repeat of the human and economic devastation wreaked by coronavirus,” the British government statement said.

“In the last year the world has developed several effective coronavirus vaccines, licenses and manufactured them at pace and is now getting them into the arms of people who need them,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. “But to truly defeat coronavirus we need to prevent a pandemic like this from every happening again. That means learning lessons from the last 18 months and doing it differently next time around.

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