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Harris Tells Migrants Not to Come to U.S., Lays Out Antigraft Steps

Vice President Kamala Harris said at the conclusion of a trip to Mexico and Guatemala that she would visit the U.S. southern border and stressed that the reasons why migrants from Central America make the dangerous trip to the border would take time to resolve.

“The reality is that we need to prioritize what’s happening at the border, and we have to prioritize why people are going to the border, and so let’s talk about what’s going on in the places that are causing the issue at the border,” Ms. Harris said in a press conference Tuesday during her first trip abroad in office.

Asked about the topic in an interview with NBC News, Ms. Harris said, “And I haven’t been to Europe.” She added: “I’m not discounting the importance of the border.”

During her trip, Ms. Harris repeatedly discouraged migrants from traveling to the southern U.S. border, while promoting U.S. economic investments in Central America and laying out new measures to tackle corruption in the region.

“Do not come,” Ms. Harris repeated during a joint press conference Monday in Guatemala, adding, “The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border.”

The U.S. has turned to Mexico to stop migrants before they get to the southern border.

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