This report consists of information, stats, and critical changes made on over the last 7 days. Friday to Thursday.

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Changes/Corrections made

On 4/23/21, The Council for the National Interest was moved from Left-Center Biased to the Questionable list due to the promotion of anti-semitic content and a lack of transparency with funding.

On 4/28/2021, Politifact was moved from Least Biased to Left-Center based on a continued trend of Fact-checks that favor the left, despite Democrats holding all three branches of government.

On 4/28/2021, Real Raw News was moved from Questionable to Satire based on proper disclosure of their intent. They had been flagged for numerous failed fact checks as fact-checkers thought they were serious.

Notable Source Additions

Newsview – is an extreme right low credible news and opinion website based in Greece. They routinely publish false conspiracies geared toward an American Conservative readership. MBFC says they have low credibility and serve as the definition of a fake news website.

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