This report consists of information, stats, and critical changes made on over the last 7 days. Friday to Thursday.

Top Viewed Source Page: CNN (9596views)

Most popular Google Search Term: “Is Healthline a Reliable Source.”

New sources added: 9

Sources re-reviewed 11

Changes/Corrections made

On 4/16/2021 Truth be Told, a news source from Howard University, was moved from Least Biased to Left-Center due to left-leaning editorial bias. They remain High for factual reporting and credibility.

On 4/16/2021, it was discovered that the white supremacist hate group Vanguard America is now known as Patriot Front. They are still a hate group with very low credibility. Their name and information have been changed with supportive links added.

On 4/17/2021, The Daily Wire was downgraded to the questionable list based on additional failed fact checks. Their credibility level was dropped to Low.

Notable Source Additions

Logically – is an IFCN fact-checker based in the United Kingdom. They use a combination of AI and human research in conducting fact checks. MBFC rates them least biased and high factual. They approve them as a go-to fact-checker.

National Catholic Register – is a strongly pro-Catholic conservative website that advocates for Pro-Life policies. This would be fine if they did not promote pseudoscience to advance their agenda. We don’t usually mention our competitors, but the fact that Newsguard gives them a green shield should concern media consumers who rely on them. This is a grossly wrong rating for a poor source that promotes false and misleading information. We are not suggesting Newsguard is biased; we are suggesting their rating system does not tell people what they need to know. This is not correct!

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