This report consists of information, stats, and critical changes made on mediabiasfactcheck.com over the last 7 days. Friday to Thursday.

Top Viewed Source Page: CNN (9048 views)

Most popular Google Search Term: “Primarydoctor.org Credibility

New sources added: 7

Sources re-reviewed 13

On 4/13/2021 – added 3700th source to MBFC!

Changes/Corrections made

On 4/9/2021 The Bureau of Investigative Journalism was moved from Least Biased to Left-Center bias due to editorial positions that moderately favor the left. Further, they are funded through the Gates Foundation, Google Initiatives, and Open Society Foundations (Soros). They retain high factual status as investigative journalism is very well sourced and credible.

On 4/9/2021 The Climate Reality Project founded by Al Gore was downgraded from High Factual to Mostly Factual based on a discovered failed fact check and one-sided reporting.

On 4/12/2021 Wings Over Scotland, a left-leaning blog that favors Scottish Independence was moved to Questionable based on the promotion of conspiracy theories and hate speech.

On 4/13/2021 IFL Science was moved from a Pseudoscience designation to Left-Center biased based on an error where we incorrectly listed a failed fact check.

Notable Source Additions

GreatReject – is a website based in the Netherlands that promotes far-right crackpot conspiracies regarding Covid-19, vaccines, and climate change. They completely lack transparency and rate as a Very Low factual source.

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