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Claim by Gateway Pundit: Black Lives Matter protest at Iowa Capitol was an “insurrection” like that on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

PolitiFact rating: False (Organizers of a Black Lives Matter-related rally in Iowa on April 8 obtained a permit, entered the Iowa Capitol in an orderly way, and protested bills. One arrest was made.)

No, an Iowa BLM protest was not like the Jan. 6 US Capitol riot

Gateway Pundit Rating

Claim by Occupy Democrats: Rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 did not comply with police and they all got to go home alive.

Lead Stories rating: False (1 Rioter Shot and some injured)

Fact Check: All Capitol Rioters Did NOT ‘Go Home Alive’ After January 6, 2021 Encounters With Police

Occupy Democrats Rating

Claim by Viral Post: Joe Biden announced plans to cut veteran benefits, saying, “They get enough handouts.”

Check Your Fact rating: False (he didn’t say that)

FACT CHECK: Did Joe Biden Say Veterans ‘Get Enough Handouts’?

Claim by The Other 98%: Daunte Wright Arrest Warrant Was Weed

Lead Stories rating: False (Weapons Charge)

Fact Check: Daunte Wright’s Outstanding Arrest Warrant Was NOT About Weed

The Other 98% Rating

Claim by Charlie Kirk (Turning Point USA): Daunte Wright Was Wanted For Aggravated Robbery and “On The Run Ever Since”.

Lead Stories rating: False (not wanted and not on the run, he was scheduled for a trial in August 2021)

Fact Check: Daunte Wright Was NOT ‘Wanted’ For Aggravated Robbery, Was NOT ‘On The Run Ever Since’

Turning Point USA Rating

(International: Iran) Claim: By Hassan Rouhani: “U.S. blocked Iran’s access to 10 million doses of coronavirus vaccine.” rating: False

Iran Fabricates Claim that US Blocked Vaccines from India

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