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Twitter banned MyPillow’s company account on Monday after founder Mike Lindell commandeered it to post several missives targeting Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, one week after Lindell was permanently banned from the platform himself.

An archived version of the Chaska-based company’s Twitter page shows several posts attacking Dorsey that appear to be written by Lindell, in a stark departure from previous tweets promoting beach towels and bath mats.

In one post Monday afternoon, MyPillow’s account tweeted: “Jack Dorsey is trying to cancel me (Mike Lindell) out! We are extremely busy and hiring as fast as we can to handle all the shipping! Jack will be found out and should be put in prison when all is revealed!”

In its final post before being shut down, MyPillow tweeted at Dorsey: “I know you are tied into the election fraud! You are so afraid of being found out! So many are looking forward to you being brought to justice!”

In an interview Tuesday, Lindell told the Star Tribune that the ban was “part of the continued attacks because I want to get the fraud out there. All is going to be revealed that these machines attacked and stole the election.”

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