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Like other Europeans, Swedes are now heading into the winter facing restrictions ranging from a ban on large gatherings to curbs on alcohol sales and school closures-all aimed at preventing the country’s health system from being swamped by patients and capping what is already among the highest per capita death tolls in the world.

Last week Sweden’s total coronavirus death count crossed 7,000.

Neighboring Denmark, Finland and Norway, all similar-sized countries, have recorded since the start of the pandemic 878, 415 and 354 deaths respectively.

For the first time since World War II, Sweden’s neighbors have closed their borders with the country.

One reason Sweden stuck to its approach for so long despite the warning signs is the high degree of independence and authority enjoyed by the health agencies and other similar state bodies under Swedish law.

Sweden’s laissez-faire pandemic strategy has failed to deliver the economic benefits its proponents had predicted.

Some scientists said the failed experiment had shaken confidence in authorities and experts in a country with a long tradition of respecting both.

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