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  • Arizona: While Fox News and the Associated Press have projected Arizona for Biden, the other outlets — including ABC News — have not. Before the election, officials did warn that any super-close races might not be resolved until the last votes are counted on Thursday or Friday. Biden has a 3-point lead over Trump, with 86 percent of the expected vote reported. Maricopa County, where the largest remainder of uncounted ballots are, has finished tabulating all its in-person Election Day votes and will release more results at 9 p.m. tonight.
  • Nevada: The race is very tight — Biden has a very slight lead — and all in-person votes have been counted. But a count of late-arriving mail ballots and provisional ballots, which tend to be Democratic, is still to come tomorrow.
  • Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator has told NBC reporters that all the votes are in. If there’s nothing more to count, then Biden would seem to have won that state by 20,697 votes, but that’s still within the 1 percent margin that would allow the Trump campaign to request a recount, though. Also, just in case you’re seeing one of the many disinformation scams out there, Wisconsin has 3,684,726 active voters and counted 3,288,771 votes. ABC News has not issued a projection here, as the Decision Desk won’t project races where the margin is within 1 percentage point.
  • Georgia: Trump is ahead in a tight race, but significant votes are outstanding in the Atlanta metro area. The big holdups here appear to be Democratic-leaning DeKalb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, and Cobb County. We could have some more information relatively soon, though — Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that he expects most of that vote to be tallied later today, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • Michigan: Biden holds a narrow 0.7-point margin here, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said around 11:30 a.m. Eastern that there are still tens of thousands of ballots to count. But the place that appears to have the most outstanding votes is heavily Democratic Wayne County (Detroit), which may make it difficult for Trump to recover here after leading throughout much of the night.
  • Pennsylvania: Trump is ahead by 9 points with 79 percent of the expected vote in, but the state has “millions of ballots” left to count, according to Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar. This includes about half of its mail-in ballots, which the state was not allowed to start processing until yesterday morning. Many of these votes come from Democratic-leaning areas, like Philadelphia and its collar counties, plus a handful of more Republican-leaning counties in the northwest part of the state. Going into the election, many county and state election officials predicted that results wouldn’t approach completion until Friday.
  • Maine: Biden leads here by about 12 points statewide, with 76 percent of the expected vote having been reported. And the ABC News Decision Desk just projected Biden to win the state’s two statewide electoral votes. He also leads in Maine’s 1st Congressional District, 61 percent to 36 percent, so Biden looks on track to get three of Maine’s electoral votes. However, Trump leads 51 percent to 45 percent in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, so he may be able to hold onto its one electoral vote. It appears that the 2nd District, which is mostly in the northern reaches of the state, is where much of the unreported votes are from. But it’s tough to say when we’ll know more, as election officials are taking much longer here than they originally expected. Moreover, because of the state’s ranked-choice voting system, any race where no candidate has a majority of first-place votes would then have to go through the reallocation process, which would take a while to complete.
  • North Carolina: Ninety-five percent of the expected vote has already been counted here, so it seems quite possible that all we’re waiting on are late-arriving mail-in ballots, which have until Nov. 12 to arrive. That means we could be waiting over a week for a call here.

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