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By Arick Severson – NFN

The firing or resignation of high-level executive branch positions has been considerably higher during the current administration than compared to previous ones. Today, only six positions remain filled by the same individual as at the start of this term, two of whom are the President’s daughter and son-in-law.  In addition, some temporary assignments have violated federal laws.

“High levels of senior executive turnover are difficult for any organization” due to numerous practical or intangible reasons, among them mutual trust among colleagues and the learning curve inherent to any complicated and demanding position.

It’s reasonable to assume the rationale for choosing White House positions is idiosyncratic to each President, however, precedents in place throughout history often have logical reasons for being in place, such as “to ensure good outcomes and avoid” negative perceptions by constituents. Additionally, there are reports the “absolute loyalty” is a requirement and is preferred over expertise.

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