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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued a rare apology on Friday over the killing of a South Korean official who was apparently trying to defect near the rivals’ disputed sea boundary.

“Comrade Chairman Kim Jong Un asked to convey the message that he is very sorry about creating a huge disappointment to our southern compatriots and President Moon Jae-In because of this unfortunate incident that happened in our waters,” a letter sent to South Korea’s presidential Blue House said.

It came after South Korea’s Defense Ministry said Thursday that the North had shot and burned the body of a South Korean official who disappeared from a government boat earlier in the week.

“Our leadership stressed that we stay more alert and be more aware so that the mutual trust and respect built between North Korea and South Korea is not destroyed by this regrettable incident,” the letter said.

North Korea also lashed out at the South and North Koreans defectors living there for propaganda leaflets and balloons that were parachuted into the North.

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