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Caputo, who on Tuesday apologized to HHS staff for his remarks, confirmed to POLITICO that he is taking medical leave.

It’s also unclear whether Caputo will return after his 60-day medical leave, which would conclude in mid-November, two officials said.

The White House declined to say on Wednesday whether Trump still had full confidence in him, with spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany telling reporters that she didn’t plan to address “Personnel matters.” The 58-year-old Caputo had been leading a $250 million planned publicity campaign designed to “Inspire hope” about the coronavirus, a massive project awarded earlier this month to Virginia-based market research firm Fors Marsh Group.

The White House initially installed Caputo atop the HHS communications office in mid-April, amid unhappiness with Secretary Alex Azar and a desire to keep closer tabs on the department during its early efforts to combat Covid-19.

More recently, Caputo and top adviser Alexander had tried to interfere with the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports related to the coronavirus – scientific bulletins seen as a cornerstone of the agency’s public health work, POLITICO first reported.

In an emergency staff meeting on Tuesday, Caputo apologized for his remarks and acknowledged that they drew negative attention to the administration’s health care strategy.

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