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President Donald Trump’s embrace of QAnon is drawing backlash from some prominent Republicans, who say his comments Wednesday on the group that believes he is saving the world from a satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals have “No place” in the party.

Trump declined Wednesday to disavow the QAnon movement, saying that the followers of the extreme conspiracy theory are “People who love our country.”

Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and primary opponent of the president in 2016, tweeted his displeasure with Trump’s remarks on the group, whose conspiracy theories the FBI said in 2019 “Very likely motivate some domestic extremists.”

Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska told NBC News in a statement, “Q-Anon is nuts – and real leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy theories.”

Trump’s embrace comes as the Republican Party has become further entangled with the group.

Before running for office, Georgia Republican congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote dozens of articles published on a now-defunct website that were favorable to the QAnon conspiracy theory, NBC News has found.

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