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Claim by Senate Majority PAC: Says Susan Collins “voted against accountability for opioid makers” and denied taking campaign money from a family who made its wealth selling OxyContin.

PolitiFact rating: Mostly False

Fact-checking an attack on Sen. Susan Collins over opioids, campaign donations

The claim: President Barack Obama resettled 70,000 Somali immigrants in Minnesota, specifically the state’s 5th Congressional District.

USA Today Fact Check rating: False

Fact check: Obama did not resettle 70,000 Somali immigrants in Minnesota

Claim by Mandela Barnes (D): GOP-backed “racist disenfrachisement” led to only five polling places being open in Milwaukee for April 7 election.

PolitiFact rating: Mostly False

Barnes misses with claim linking cut in polling places with ‘racist disenfranchisement’

Claim by U. S. Senator Kamala Harris is not a United States citizen.

Lead Stories rating: False

Fact Check: Senator Kamala Harris IS A United States Citizen And IS Eligible To Be President

Claim by Robert Reich: Post claims US presidents cannot spend taxpayer dollars with executive orders

AFP Fact Check rating: Partly False

US presidents can spend tax dollars with executive orders

(International: New Zealand) Claim: Photo shows Chinese tourists exempted from COVID-19 lockdown in Auckland, New Zealand, in August 2020

AFP Fact Check rating: False

No tourists have been allowed to visit New Zealand since March 2020 — this photo has circulated online since 2016

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