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Claim by Stella Immanuel/America’s Frontline Doctors: “This virus has a cure. It is called hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax. I know you people want to talk about a mask. Hello? You don’t need (a) mask. There is a cure.”

PolitiFact rating: False

Don’t fall for this video: Hydroxychloroquine is not a COVID-19 cure

Claim by the New York Times: “Global warming is driving polar bears toward extinction”

Climate Feedback rating: CorrectThe long-term survival of polar bears is threatened by loss of sea-ice due to global warming, new study confirms
Claim by Simone Gold/Amerca’s Frontline Doctors: “So the case number is almost irrelevant. And that’s because there’s a lot of inaccuracies with the testing. And also even if the test is accurate, most people are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. So it’s not that important to know.”

PolitiFact rating: Ignores how virus spreads

Fact-checking a video of doctors talking about coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine

Claim by NIH Admits 5G Can Actually CREATE Coronavirus Within Human Cells

Lead Stories rating: Bogus Study

Fact Check: NIH Did NOT Admit 5G Can Actually Create Coronavirus Within Human Cells

Claim by Joe Biden: On home health workers’ low pay and limited benefits, “40% are still on SNAP or Medicaid.”

PolitiFact rating: True

Biden is right. Pay for home health workers is paltry

(International: Australia) Claim: Tom Hanks did not have coronavirus but was under house arrest for pedophilia in Australia

The Dispatch Fact Check rating: False

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